Wrongful Death of Passenger in Speeding Truck

    Trucking Accidents- Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

    Truck accidents are more complicated than ordinary traffic accidents due to the large size and heavy weight of most eighteen wheelers and their loads.  Fact is, driver liability regulations and third party lawsuits differ from state to state. Personal injury attorneys like Wayne Hardee have more inside industry knowledge to investigate the intricate entities of a truck case, i.e. The driver, the owners of the truck and the load involved, etc.

    Auto accidents caused due to trucks or trailers can be catastrophic for the victims. The foremost reason is the size of the truck and the weight of its load. According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, tractor trailer accidents result in fatalities 98 percent of the time. A mid-sized car can easily be completely damaged or totaled if the vehicle is hit by a raging 18-wheeler or one just abiding by the speed limit. Injuries caused by these accidents are severe, debilitating and often permanent.  The most common type of accidents is truck rollovers; when a truck literally rolls over as a result of the driver’s loss of control.

    Truck accidents also are common since truck drivers drive for long hours and are tired and can become distracted. Last but not the least, freight trucks are managed by trucking companies, and the fleet operators are well aware of the complications that may arise out of an 18-wheeler accident. . They have been around this block before; they know the process most likely far better than you. This precisely is the reason why you will need a truck accident/personal injury attorney.  These cases are complex. As with any personal injury, do not sign any paper work with the opposing insurance company or trucking company unless specifically authorized by them. Trucking company’s insurance will often try to get people to settle quickly; it’s best to talk with your truck accident/personal injury lawyer t cover all aspects of your case:  medical expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and economic issues as well.

    Trucking companies must train and supervise their drivers.  Additionally, they are required to monitor driver logs, address any complaints made against their drivers, properly load trucks and guard against driver fatigue.  Unfortunately, not all companies abide by these trucking responsibilities; as a result accidents happen.

    If you have injuries from a truck accident, let Wayne Hardee help you through the complex issues that arise with a track trailer wreck!



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