Why do drivers disregard motorcyclists?

    Why do drivers disregard motorcyclists?

    When an accident takes place where a motorcycle is involved, the general tendency is to blame the motorcycle rider. But the fact of the matter is that many motorcycle accidents are caused because of negligence on the part of the driver of the other vehicle in the accident. Very often drivers tend to pay little attention to motorcycles on the road and have little respect for their presence. The outcome invariably results in a horrific accident where the rider, or in many instances the passenger, are seriously injured or even killed.

    An Understanding

    While motorcycle riders should always wear helmets, protective jackets and clothing, and ride defensively; car, truck, and bus drivers should also realize that they carry a responsibility as well. The must share the road with two-wheelers, respecting their rights simultaneously.

    By the Numbers

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Nationwide statistics indicate that motorcycle fatalities in 2010 numbered 4,502 which amounted to 14 percent of all highway fatalities in the year. To be fair, in single vehicle motorcycle crashes, half the fatalities occurred because of accidents while negotiating a turn or at a curve and almost 60 percent occurred at night. Now even though there are high tech motorcycle jackets that will light up at night when they sense or feel the presence of car or street lights, motorcycle drivers and car drivers need to be mindful of their presence and vulnerability even still.

    Most at Risk

    Because a motorcycle is vulnerable and lacks a protective cover, the motorcyclist and passenger are prone to severe injuries in an accident which could result in paralysis, serious scarring, traumatic brain injury,and/or even death.

    Representing the Truth

    If a motorcyclist is involved in a collision where the other driver is at fault, he/she should immediately contact a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney to protect their rights. Invariably the other driver’s insurance company will try to find the motorcyclist at fault or claim that the injuries would have been far less had the motorcyclist been more careful. The objective is to minimize the payout as far as possible. A motorcycle injury lawyer will fight to ensure that the motorcyclist receives justice and a fair compensation if they are truly the victims here.



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