Auto Accidents Can Affect Your Job

    Auto Accidents Can Affect Your Job

    When you’ve been in an automobile accident, the last thing on your mind is your job and your career. In the moment, your mind is probably a whirlwind of questions: Was anyone hurt? Will my insurance cover this? How am I going to pay my medical and mechanical bills? These are all natural responses, and most of them are taken care of with proper procedure.

    However, as the immediate panic fades, you may begin to notice that the accident has affected other parts of your life. You’re not sleeping well, your family is under a lot of strain, and you’re having trouble at work. That’s right, automobile accidents can actually impact your long-term career if not addressed. Let’s take a look at some ways in which this event may translate to disruption at your job.

           Recovery Period. After an accident, no matter how severe the injuries, it’s important to get yourself checked out and take some time to rest. This means that you’ll have to miss work during your recovery period. Fortunately, many companies offer paid time off. But this isn’t always the case, and you may miss significant opportunities for growth and advancement in your absence.

           Physical Limitations. For some, car accidents leave them with nothing more than minor scrapes and bruises. But others are severely injured to the point of being handicapped. Whether it’s the use of your arms, legs, or back, you may not have the strength or ability to perform your work duties anymore. You may be put on medical leave or, worst-case scenario, you may be fired from your job.

           Mental Health. Mental health struggles are fairly common in victims of automobile accidents. Many suffer from PTSD or other similar symptoms, including depression and anxiety. This can lead to lack of sleep and recurring nightmares, and your performance at work may suffer as a result.

           Priority Shifts. In the aftermath of an automobile accident, it’s not uncommon to see a shift in priorities. Work and further education fades into the background as bills, medical appointments, and lifestyle changes take over the foreground. Finding a balance between the different areas of your life is difficult enough without the added stress of the accident.

    To those who have been in an automobile accident, contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as you get the chance. You may be entitled to compensation to cover the expenses incurred from medical bills, vehicle recovery, and time off work. Our team of skilled attorneys here at Wayne Hardee Law are ready to help. Contact us today, or stop by our law office to schedule an appointment!


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