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With the pace of life today, it can be difficult to put your phone down. It doesn’t seem to matter what age you are anymore, there are people in every generation who act as if they are addicted to their phones. Whether you spend your time scrolling through social media or even talking to your family and friends, there is so much that you can do on that small screen. While it can be a nice change of pace to unplug every now and then and soak in the world around you, you don’t always have the time. That is when the phone becomes a useful crutch.

The problem is that a large amount of people don’t seem to be able to put theirs down at all. They continue to put their noses in their phones when they should be focused on something else that is in front of them. This can include anything from watching their children to driving or even sleeping. While in some cases it’s rude or disrespectful, in others it is downright dangerous. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times people are told that they shouldn’t use their phones in certain situations, some just don’t seem to care.

If you have ever stopped at a traffic light and looked around, chances are that you have seen someone fiddling on their phone while behind the wheel. It can be frustrating if you are stuck behind them and they are more focused on their phone than the road so you can’t move until they do, but it can be downright terrifying if they are moving any paying attention to their phone. It only takes a second to get into a crash, and when someone else on the road is looking down at their phone for any reason, it can be more than enough time to cause an accident that can turn deadly.

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