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Even just going about your day, there are so many things that can go wrong. It’s terrifying to think that just a few seconds can change someone’s entire life, or sadly end it. Things like car accidents or severe falls are some of the things that we, as humans, can have seemingly random responses to. Our bodies may react in any number of ways, and we may not understand why. It’s a terrifying concept when you think about it, but we deal with it every day that we get up and do our normal routine. Something that really gives you pause is that even if you aren’t physically hurt in an accident, you can still end up paying for the incident if there is property damage done.

While the first thing we should think of in regards to an accident is the possibility of someone being hurt, there is often some amount of damage done to the location as well. As an example, if someone happens to fall against a window in a house, there is a possibility that they could go through the glass and fall. While your first reaction is going to be to check on them and make sure they didn’t get to severely hurt, once they’re clearly okay or helped to medical authorities, your attention will likely turn to the glass. That is property damage, and it needs to be settled however the property owner sees fit.

Another example of this is a car accident. Whether or not the vehicle(s) involved end up totaled, there is almost always something that needs to be fixed. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to get away with only a couple of scratches, but sometimes it’s a dent that needs to be fixed or maybe there’s a leak in something now and you need some work done. If you weren’t the one that caused the crash, you don’t want to have to pay for the repairs yourself and you shouldn’t have to. You want to get the money for the repairs from the person who was responsible. That is where we can help.

If you find yourself with property damage from an accident you didn’t cause, Wayne Hardee can help. With decades of experience, Wayne can make sure that you get the compensation you deserve. You’ve earned a good legal team on your side while you recover, and Wayne is exactly that. Give us a call and see how much he can help your case!