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According to data gathered in 2021 and presented by the North Carolina Department of

Transportation (NCDOT), accidents involving passenger cars and pickup trucks far outnumber

those involving a motorcycle. However, while motorcycle accidents may be relatively

uncommon, it’s important that cyclists know what to do and how to go about doing it, just in

case. The good news is that the process is pretty similar, if not identical, to the process you

would follow after a typical car accident. If you are the proud owner of a motorcycle and want to

be prepared in case of a wreck, read on to learn more about proper procedure and things to keep

in mind.

1. Get To Safety

This advice should be taken in two ways: First, do not try to move your motorcycle, even

if it’s in the flow of traffic. This may disturb the scene and nullify any evidence you gather

regarding the accident. Second, while you shouldn’t move anything from the scene, you should

get yourself to safety as soon as possible. Move to the shoulder of the road and wait for help to


2. Call the Authorities

Once you’re safely away from the flow of traffic, call the police and the medics. You’ll

first need to file an accident report with the police in order to file an insurance claim later on.

Furthermore, even if you and the other victims sustained minimal injuries, it’s wise to get a quick

checkup from a trained medical professional on site. You never know what long-term problems

may arise in the days and weeks after an accident.

3. Gather Evidence

Gathering evidence will help support your insurance claim, if and when you decide to

file. But what type of material should you collect? Begin by writing down every detail leading up

to the wreck before it leaves your brain. Then, start taking photos of the scene from all angles,

and collect any insurance and contact information from the other parties.

4. Seek Legal Help

Contacting an attorney after a motorcycle accident is a wise decision. They can guide you

through the process, inform you of your rights, and help with any bits of evidence you may have

missed. Afterward, they can help you file a claim and maximize your compensation.

If you’re looking for legal representation, contact us here at Wayne Hardee Law. Our

team of attorneys look forward to taking on your case. Give us a call, or swing by our offices