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Summer is in full swing, and people are out and about, exploring the many activities their community has to offer. The warmer weather brings alternate forms of transportation as well, including bicycles and motorcycles. Even if you live in a rural area, it’s highly likely that you’ll cross paths with one of these two vehicles on the road at some point.

Unfortunately, cyclists are not very well protected, beyond the typical safety helmet. As a driver, you’ll need to keep your guard up to prevent any nasty accidents that may occur. So what can you do to stay safe and share the road with cyclists? Read on to learn more.

       Look both ways at crosswalks. Bicycles will often opt to ride on the sidewalks, especially in an area with heavy traffic. But if a cyclist needs to cross the road, they’ll usually use a crosswalk. Whether it’s at a stoplight or in the middle of the road, be sure to look both ways in case of any unexpected traffic.

       Stay in your lane. Many urban areas have a narrow lane on the right side of the road dedicated to bike traffic. Be careful not to wander over into their lane, and always check before you turn.

       Use your turn signals. Turn signals are useful for bicycles and motorcycles, as well as other cars. It’s always better to over-communicate your intentions than take a rider by surprise and cause an accident. Use your blinker when changing lanes, turning at an intersection, or pulling off the side of the road.

       Give plenty of space. If you encounter a bicycle or motorcycle on the roads, don’t crowd them. They must have plenty of space to react to sudden changes in traffic.

       Keep an eye on your blind spot. Whether it’s a single rider on a bicycle or two riders on a motorcycle, the vehicle and its passengers are much smaller than a traditional car or truck. This makes them more difficult to spot, making cyclists particularly hazardous on the highway. Before changing lanes, always be sure to engage your blinker, consult your sideview mirror, and look over your shoulder to check your blind spot. You don’t want a cyclist to sneak up on you unaware.

Summer is a time for fun and freedom, but accidents happen. If you were in an accident involving a bicycle or motorcycle, reach out to Wayne Hardee Law. Our attorneys look forward to meeting with you and handling your case. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!