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If you’ve ever been driving on the highway while there are a lot of other vehicles around you, you can see just how easily something can turn disastrous. One wrong move by someone at the front of the pack can set off a chain reaction that can make you late for your destination at best and cause some serious injuries or death at worst. These types of accidents are often a mess when it comes to insurance as well, and that’s the last thing that you want to have to worry about when you’re trying to recover from any sort of injury. This is why having a good lawyer on your side is so important when you end up in a car accident, especially if it involves multiple people.

When you have a pileup, it can involve any number of vehicles of varying sizes. This is why you can see a headline that says “Four Car Pileup” or one that says “Pileup Involving 132 Vehicles” when something happens. These accidents happen all year round, but are especially common in the winter when snow and ice cover the roads. They are always scary to see, and even worse to be involved in. They also remind us quickly why knowing who to turn to is important before something like this happens. After all, these types of things are never planned, so it can be stressful to find someone who can help you while you’re also trying to recover and get back to your normal life. You need to have a plan in place before something like this happens, and thankfully you have someone in the area who can help.

Having a good legal team on your side in the event of an accident of this scale is so incredibly important. If you’re in the Greenville area of North Carolina, you can give Wayne Hardee a call and get the representation that you deserve. With multiple decades of experience with accident cases of all kinds, you can rest assured that he will do everything he can to get you the proper compensation. Pileup accidents can be confusing when it comes to who is responsible, but Wayne will make sure that you get what you are owed. Give him a call and make arrangements to meet him either at the office or somewhere more convenient to you. You can rest easy when you have Wayne Hardee on your side!