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When it comes to automobile accidents, authorities and insurance agents traditionally have to rely on witness statements and photos of the scene after the incident. In other words, the responsibility for proving or disproving a claim falls to the driver, whether they were the victim or not. Fortunately, thanks to modern audiovisual recording technology, drivers now have a safety net to fall back on.

As the name implies, dashcams are small cameras fixed to the dashboard or interior of the windshield. Their job is to capture front-facing video from inside the vehicle. This allows drivers to constantly monitor their driving and record any mishaps that may occur during filming. The data stored on these devices can be particularly useful after a car accident.

How can a dashcam help after a car accident? Well, consider the sheer objectivity of film. Witnesses may be pretty shaken up after a wreck, and this can often lead to confusion of facts. Authorities recommend that a victim immediately record everything they remember for future reference. This includes written facts and statistics, as well as photos. But nobody is perfect, and car accidents typically occur in the blink of an eye.

With a dashcam, much of the details (including first-hand footage of the wreck itself) are already recorded automatically. This is crucial when it comes to backing your insurance claims. If you claim that you were not at fault and your dashcam footage substantiates your testimony, then you have solid proof in your favor. Listed below are some of the most basic facts that can be proven using a dashcam:

       You were driving in the center of your lane.

       You were driving at or below the speed limit.

       Another vehicle swerved into your lane.

       Another vehicle hit yours from the side.

       The driver apologized or threatened you.

Dashcams typically record the date and timestamp as well, so you can verify the authenticity of any footage captured. If you present a claim to your insurance provider, they will ask for physical evidence and documentation. All of this information is essential to proving that you were not at fault. Here at Wayne Hardee Law, we have plenty of experience in guiding victims of car accidents. We want to see you get the compensation you deserve. If you’re the victim of an automobile accident, reach out to discuss a personal injury case. Contact us today and schedule a consultation!