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People don’t often stop to consider the lasting effects of a car wreck. If you or a loved

one has been the victim of an automobile accident, then you know that it’s not always a one-and-

done kind of situation. It can affect every part of your life, including your health, your job, and

your finances. We’re here to discuss the long-term injuries that victims suffer after a car

accident, but our team here at Wayne Hardee Law has not lost sight of the big picture.

So, what are some of the most common injuries in a car accident? Take a look at the list

below for a few examples:

• Whiplash. The rapid back-and-forth motion of a collision can damage your neck and the

muscles that keep it steady.

• Head Trauma. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), such as a concussion or a contusion, can have

lasting consequences.

• Broken Bones. A broken or fractured bone can take a long time to heal properly.

• Cuts & Bruises. While not as serious as some other injuries, cuts and bruises can still be painful.

Mental trauma can be just as painful and just as inhibiting as the physical injuries:

• Stress & Anxiety. This could manifest in an inability to get in your car, let alone drive.

• Nightmares. You may suffer from nightmares and flashbacks centered around the wreck.

• Restlessness. Many victims have trouble sleeping after being in an accident.

• Over-reactivity. General irritability is common in victims who have suffered emotional and

psychological trauma.

Needless to say, the long-term effects of a car accident can be inconvenient at best and

debilitating at worst. You must resolve these physical and psychological ailments head-on.

For the physical injuries, consult your physician on best practices to expedite the healing

process. Consider also visiting a chiropractor to address the trauma to your neck and spine. A

chiropractor can perform manual adjustments, as well as recommend therapies and nutritional

plans that will aid in your recovery. Mental trauma should be addressed with a professional

therapist who can help you process the event and the emotions that were stirred up.

While the recovery process can be long (and costly), you may be entitled to

compensation that will help you offset the money lost on physicians, therapists, and time off

work. If you were not at fault in your accident, you could reclaim some of the finances with the

proper representation. Looking for an attorney to take on your case? Contact us here at Wayne

Hardee Law, and get started today!