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For many people, driving is an everyday occurrence. They have lots of practice, and

many even tend to go on autopilot when traveling to familiar places. But with the change of the

seasons comes new and often unpredictable hazards that require laser focus from drivers of all

experience levels. Even as we leave the cold winter weather in our rearview mirrors, the summer

ahead is sure to hold plenty of obstacles. Let’s take a brief look at some of the most common

hazards so you can be more prepared to venture out onto the roads this summer.

• Weather. Summer weather is quite unpredictable, especially due to the infamous North Carolina

heat and humidity. These conditions can easily lead to pop-up thunderstorms that make driving

much more dangerous, even impossible. Be sure to check the weather forecast before leaving

home and heading out on the roads.

• Holiday Traffic. Summer is the time of year when students get a break from school and families

go on road trips or extended vacations. The 4th of July Independence Day holiday also represents

a spike in vehicle activity as friends and family congregate to celebrate. With the sudden influx

of people on the roads, the traffic is likely to be bumper to bumper, especially on the major


• Equipment Failure. Overheating and tire blowouts are not entirely uncommon when it comes to

taking your vehicle out in the sweltering heat. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to keep

your car from overheating. Moreover, be sure to let some of the air out of your tires as the


weather gets warmer. This will prevent the warm air from expanding too far and bursting your


• Construction. Construction is a relatively common occurrence on the highways of North

Carolina. Summer is prime-time for the workers in charge of the renovations. Just be sure to

follow all traffic signs and signals, and watch for any unexpected changes in traffic pattern.

• Pedestrians & Cyclists. The warm weather will encourage more people to get outside and get

some fresh air. Whether that’s walking through the streets of town or cycling down a major road,

their paths are bound to intersect with oncoming traffic at some point. Be on the lookout for

pedestrians and cyclists at all times. Drive slowly through small towns, and make liberal use of

your sideview mirrors.

But no matter how well-prepared you may be for the hazards of summer driving,

accidents happen. If you are the victim of a car accident in which you were not at fault, you may

be entitled to compensation for loss and damages. We encourage you to reach out to our team

here at Wayne Hardee Law for representation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!