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 Self-driving vehicles are not science-fiction anymore, a distant vision of the future to come. Autopilot has arrived on the market, and there are cars for sale today that feature this sophisticated new technology. It’s been touted as a way to keep drivers more safe and more secure on the roads. After all, most automobile accidents occur when one or more drivers are at fault, with roughly 45% of crashes due to risky behavior such as speeding or alcohol. But this new feature is a double-edged sword. There’s more to it than first meets the eye. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons that come with autopilot technology.


      Crash Prevention. The first and most obvious item in favor of autopilot technology is its ability to prevent crashes and other accidents. With sophisticated sensors and algorithms in play, the automobile should be able to detect traffic lanes, obey all traffic laws, and stop for other cars or pedestrians. Operating correctly, this could save hundreds of thousands of lives.

      Wider Usability. Those who are unable or unwilling to drive, for whatever reason, would be able to enjoy the autopilot feature. Rather than having to rely on expensive public transportation or taxi services, a person could purchase a self-driving car.


      Insecurity & Malfunction. Autopilot is a digital technology that relies on nothing more than advanced computer code to function. If this code were to be hacked or the code were to stop working, even temporarily, then that could spell disaster for its occupants. Self-driving cars are innately more vulnerable to exploits and hacks that could cause severe damage.

      Tough Situations. Human drivers may not be perfect on the roads, but they have something that even the most advanced computer simply can’t: ethics. Drivers come across difficult moral and ethical situations on the road all the time, and often they have a split second to choose between two equally bad outcomes. Humans are better equipped to make those tough choices.

      Cost. In all honesty, self-driving cars are expensive. The technology is still new, so the novelty and perceived value has caused prices to skyrocket. It may not be practical for the average person to invest in this tech for the next several years.

Accidents Happen!

Maybe you’re an early adopter of a self-driving car, or perhaps you were struck by one that malfunctioned on the roads. In either case, there are legal avenues available that will help you reclaim any losses you’ve sustained. We invite you to contact us here at Wayne Hardee Law. One of our skilled attorneys would be glad to meet with you and provide a free case evaluation. Schedule yours today!