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    If you are in a motor vehicle accident in the state of North Carolina, the law does not require you to automatically call the police to the scene. If there is no bodily injury to either party and no significant damage to either vehicle, such as may be the case in a “fender bender”, you do not have to make a call to the authorities. However, when injury or death or at least $1,000 worth of property damage, the police must be called. If the accident is on private property, a call to the authorities may not be required. When in doubt, call the police department or state highway patrol to discuss what is needed.


    The officer who comes to the scene will take statements and photos and fill out an accident report. In every single instance of a vehicular accident, both parties must contact their insurance companies. Insurance companies will typically utilize the crash report as a main tool in their investigation to determine liability.  


    What Information Is Collected?


    The police officer investigating at the scene must file a report within 24 hours of the accident, according to North Carolina law. Things that will be included are:


    • The date and time of the accident
    • Make, model, license plate number of all vehicles involved
    • Weather and road conditions at the time of the accident
    • The city and county, as well as the nearest intersection
    • Contact information of the parties involved in the accident including passengers
    • The drivers’ insurance information
    • An estimate of property damage
    • Any citations issued as a result of the accident
    • Statements from any witnesses


    Who Was At Fault?


    There is an entire section of the crash report for the officer to give a professional opinion as to how the accident occurred. Observations and conclusions are made. Was one party speeding? Was a traffic signal or law missed? There will be space on the report form to draw a diagram of the scene. The officer is a neutral party and will collect all evidence from the scene and witnesses to come to a conclusion of fault. 


    How Can I See My Report?  


    Drivers who have an accident in North Carolina can request a copy of the report. All crash reports must be filed with the NC Division of Motor Vehicles, and you can obtain a request form either online or in person. Simply follow the steps at the DMV’s website listed under Records and Reports. Once you have obtained a copy of the report, carefully check all the details. The details of this report may be vital to your insurance claim. If you see anything that you believe is an error, contact the Wayne Hardee Law office. We would be happy to discuss your concerns with you.

    Attorney Will Reaves

    If you own and operate a watercraft of any kind, it’s crucial that you know the local laws and regulations, as well as any safety procedures that will keep your passengers protected. But boating crashes and general mishaps do happen. While they are much fewer and further between than land vehicle collisions, there are still a number of injuries and fatalities recorded annually due to watercraft accidents.

    You may be unfamiliar with how this process works. On land, contact information is swapped, pictures are taken, details are recorded, and an insurance claim is filed. It’s typically pretty easy to determine the liable party, whether they were speeding or they broke another traffic law, such as running a red light or failing to stop at a stop sign. But it’s a bit different on the open water. So, how do you determine liability in a watercraft accident?

    Unsurprisingly, it actually depends on the circumstances of the incident. There are several possible culprits that could be held responsible. The following is a list of parties that may be held liable, accompanied by the circumstances that would lead to such liability.

    • The Operator. This is perhaps the most obvious and straightforward of the possibilities. If the operator is not following the laws and regulations put forward for watercraft, then they will be held responsible for their actions if they end in an accident.
    • The Manufacturer. Perhaps the accident is not the operator’s fault. Perhaps the boat has faulty equipment that caused the operator to lose control. In this case, the manufacturer would be held responsible for any damages sustained in the accident.
    • The Passengers. This isn’t quite as unlikely as it may seem. If the passengers are distracting or otherwise hindering the operator’s ability to maneuver the craft, then they may be held liable after an accident.
    • The Owner. Even if the owner is not present during an accident, they may be held liable for neglect. Perhaps they didn’t properly care for the craft or perform regular maintenance checks. Under these circumstances, the owner may be held at least partially liable for any damages sustained in an accident.

    Whether you want to know more or you’ve been in a boating accident yourself, it would be wise to call a law firm to discuss your options. Our team of skilled lawyers here Wayne Hardee Law would be glad to meet with you and discuss the case. Visit our offices or contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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    In recent months, we’ve discussed automobile accident statistics and the importance of these numbers on a national level. This can be very informative of nationwide trends, but perhaps it’s time we analyze the local statistics. What do these same numbers look like when you concentrate the scope of the analysis to a state level? How are we doing here in North Carolina? Are the findings here in NC representative of the national statistics? Are they higher, lower? We’ll address all these questions and more below.

    First, let’s do a brief recap of the national statistics regarding automobile accidents. According to the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the numbers for 2021 were rather concerning as a whole. Reports show that the first six months alone were some of the worst in recorded history. Nationally, over 20,000 people were killed due to automobile accidents, and over 31,000 were killed over the entire course of 2021.

    Now let’s examine that same period of time in North Carolina exclusively. North Carolina saw over a staggering 1,700 road-related deaths over the course of 2021, accounting for more than 5% of the national number. This number represents a 5% increase from the year before. Even more concerning is the fact that this number is now a North Carolina state record. We covered some of the potential reasons for the increase, including texts, phone calls, drunk driving, driving without a seatbelt, and even the relaxing of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

    Fortunately, local and national law enforcement are looking to improve statistics and make the roads of the United States safer and more efficient for everyone. 2021 saw law enforcement being awarded grants for the purpose of launching and maintaining initiatives that will aid in road safety. It’s unclear exactly what the focus will be and what to expect from these new regulations, but it’s certain to encourage safe driving through more frequent monitoring and enforcement. As a state that is responsible for 5% of traffic-related deaths over the past year, it is time we take responsibility for our actions and start taking the necessary steps to protect our drivers, our passengers, and our pedestrians.

    If you were in an automobile accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Visit our offices here at Wayne Hardee Law, or contact us via website or phone to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. Don’t let yourself become a statistic!

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    Much like being in a typical car accident on the roads, a truck accident can have similar long-term consequences, potentially only made worse by the massive size and wight of a semi-trailer or pickup. The driver and anyone involved may have been injured or killed in the accident, and the vehicles may have been damaged or totaled. This, in turn, leads to an avalanche of expenses in the form of medical bills, repairs, and funeral preparations.

    Such dramatic loss can be traumatizing, and the mental and emotional effects may go far beyond any physical injury. But there’s hope for recovering at least part of the damages. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed with bills and expenses that you could never hope to pay.

    The first thing to do after you’ve been in a truck accident is contact a law firm, particularly one skilled in personal injury law. Simply meeting with an attorney to seek guidance in your situation is entirely free of risk, as these attorney-client relationships are typically results-oriented and don’t require payment up front. In other words, the attorney will usually represent your case and succeed before requiring any form of compensation.

    After you’ve been advised regarding your unique situation and decided to proceed, you must evaluate the damages you’ve suffered as a result of the accident. Damages typically fall into one of several categories: physical trauma, emotional trauma, full or partial loss of income, and death. Some of these categories may overlap with one another, but do a full self-evaluation and determine the ways you’ve been negatively affected.

    For example, maybe you were rushed to the hospital after the accident and are now facing an expensive medical bill. Maybe the accident gave you injuries that left you unable to work for a period of time, or perhaps you’ll be unable to work ever again. Maybe the accident caused the death of a friend or loved one, and the funeral preparations are causing physical, emotional, and monetary strain. Though only hypothetical, these are all things to consider when building a case in favor of proper compensation.

    If you or someone you know has been in a truck accident, then you know how difficult of a process it can be. Be sure to seek legal help immediately. If you’re looking for representation, then consider Wayne Hardee Law. Our team of attorneys would be glad to meet with you and advise you on the facts of your case. Contact us today to make an appointment!


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